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The Curious Competitor is a journey into the pursuit of improvement and well being-physically, mentally, and spiritually. In each episode, NHL Defenseman Connor Carrick speaks with some of the world’s highest performing people about how they curate and execute their respective craft. Connor Carrick dives deep into the path and process of each guest, and the lessons learned on how to live more curiously, passionately, and purposefully. All on a quest to become a more Curious Competitor.

S2 EP10 - Jana Webb | Overcoming Injury Through Yoga, A Life Of Entrepreneurship In Creating Joga & Battling Concussions

September 23, 2020

Jana and I talk about how she developed as a way to bring equipment free training to the masses. Jana demystifies some of the elements of yoga that can be daunting to people and made the physical and spiritual experience that is Joga more approachable.

We also talk at length about her own wellness journey after a severe health scare involving a car accident, on top of the responsibilities still involved with being a single Mom and entrepreneur. She leads with empathy, with passion for Joga's ability to foster holistic growth, while also allowing the universe to work its magic, presenting to Jana the answers she needs when she looks for them. This is one of my favorite podcasts to date, simply great conversation and connection in a time where this is particularly hard to come by.


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