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The Curious Competitor is a journey into the pursuit of improvement and well being-physically, mentally, and spiritually. In each episode, NHL Defenseman Connor Carrick speaks with some of the world’s highest performing people about how they curate and execute their respective craft. Connor Carrick dives deep into the path and process of each guest, and the lessons learned on how to live more curiously, passionately, and purposefully. All on a quest to become a more Curious Competitor.

S1 EP12 - Marnie McBean | Grace & Grit Of Rowing, Finding Your Excellence, Olympic Nerves & LGBTQ+ Advocacy

July 1, 2020

Marnie Mcbean and I talk water-feel, heart rates for extended periods of time above 200 bpm, Olympic nerves, and the gift of finding something you love to do. She is first off, an extraordinary story teller, with an extraordinary story to tell. Marnie, a 3 time Gold Medalist, shares with me in this episode about the grace and grit of rowing, how she loved a sport so cruel to the human body. We go into goal setting and visualization while clarifying all the imagining in the world is empty without providing the back bone base of hard work.
I learned so much from this Olympic Champion and am grateful we got to cherish and celebrate Marnie's story together. Happy Canada Day to those who celebrate, I enjoyed my time north of the border thoroughly, and figured it only appropriate to feature a Canadian on the show this week. I look forward to your comments. #FeedYourFire and join me to become a more #CuriousCompetitor

Visit Marnie at and can pick up her book "The Power Of More" at a bookstore near you! 



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